The Strategic Importance of Acquiring Routejade

5 min readSep 21, 2023


By Dr. Raj Talluri, President and CEO

Recently, we announced the acquisition of Routejade, a well-established coating and battery pack manufacturing company based in South Korea. This acquisition offers many strategic advantages that will prove instrumental in our journey to scale as a vertically integrated high volume battery manufacturer.

Routejade is a fantastic company that’s been making batteries for 20 years. The team is comprised of 168 people who share our manufacturing excellence mindset. They have two factories housing four battery production lines and two electrode coating lines. Routejade has an established customer base in IoT and the South Korean military and more than 90 global patents and patent applications.

As a newer entrant, we can learn a lot from them. They are experts in electrode coating and pack manufacturing, which are strategic imperatives to Enovix’ long-term success. They also have the ability to make different sizes and shapes of batteries, all of which are incredibly complementary to Enovix.

What is coating?

Batteries are made up of electrodes — a cathode and an anode, plus a separator. Simply put, battery electrodes are made starting with a dry powder that is mixed and turned into a slurry that’s coated on metal foils, dried, then rolled up and sold. Coating is a core technology in the manufacturing process and most successful battery manufacturers have this capability in-house.

Before acquiring Routejade, we received “coated rolls” from them and a few other suppliers. Now, having this capability in-house, we will save time and costs. As a material agnostic battery manufacturer, it’s even more critical that we have the ability to try out the latest and greatest materials to offer a superior battery technology in terms of energy density and capacity to our customers. With Routejade’s expertise and equipment, we now have the ability to coat in-house and purchase powder directly from raw material suppliers, so we’re not relying on so many third-party vendors.

What are packs?

Another strategic advantage of acquiring Routejade is their ability to make battery packs. Many consumer electronics companies don’t want to purchase separate battery cells and assemble them into packs themselves. Packs are comprised of several cells with electric circuitry to create a battery. Now we have the ability to offer complete pack solutions to our customers built fully in-house, further saving time and costs and increasing revenue opportunities.

Where does coating and pack manufacturing fit into our manufacturing process?

Routejade allows us to vertically integrate coating and pack manufacturing

With this acquisition, we’re lowering our costs, speeding up R&D, enhancing our manufacturability and growing our footprint in Asia. It’s a win-win-win-win.

If you’d like to hear more details about this news, listen to our podcast: or find the press release here:

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