Our Path to High Volume Manufacturing

6 min readSep 13, 2023


By Ajay Marathe, Chief Operating Officer | September 13, 2023

Since we launched our Journey to Scale earlier this year, we’ve made tremendous progress. Most recently, we kicked off Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) in August of our Gen2 High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) equipment and it’s well underway. In this article, I’ll breakdown our manufacturing “Zones,” “Lines” and processes that will enable us to produce our first samples from the new Gen2 equipment.

Defining the Zones

Our unique patented manufacturing process uses dozens of machines working in concert. Here’s a breakdown of our four manufacturing “Zones” within each line:

Zone 1: Electrode Patterning: rolls of electrodes are run through our machines and precisely laser patterned based on customer specifications. We began FAT of Zone 1 in August and anticipate its completion in October.

Zone 2: Cell Assembly: laser cut electrodes from Zone 1 are stacked, the constraint is applied, as well as the interconnect. We begin FAT of Zone 2 in September and anticipate its completion by the end of this year.

Zone 3: Cell Packaging: pouching, electrolyte fill and prelithiation processes are completed in Zone 3. FAT will kick off in October and be completed by early next year.

Zone 4: Formation: buffering/first charge and then the final charge takes place in Zone 4. This Zone follows the same FAT timeline as Zone 3.

It’s important to note that Zones 1 and 4 will feed and service multiple lines. I’ll explain further below.

Defining our Manufacturing Lines

We are building two types of “Agility” lines and one High Volume Manufacturing line currently. The Agility Line in Fab1 (also called the Agility R&D Line), located at our headquarters in Fremont, will handle New Technology Programs (NTPs), New Materials Development and R&D for EV batteries. This line will also include a Lab Scale Coater and flexible workstations. All of this will be housed in an end-to-end dry room. Initially, we planned to also support Custom Cell Development on this Agility Line in Fab1, however, we realized that’s too much for one line. We also determined that we don’t need to run this line 24X7 here in Fremont to meet our objectives.

Nick Kowalczyk, Senior Principal Engineer at Enovix Explains Gen2 Equipment

To that end, the Agility R&D Line in Fab1 will include:

· New Gen2 machines for Zone 2 and 3 — such as, the New Automated Busbar Insertion, as an example and, the same process kernels as the Agility Line in Penang.

· Zones 1 and 4 will remain the same as currently installed in Fab1.

The Agility R&D Line in Fremont will not be as automated as the Agility Line in Penang. This reduces our costs significantly, and high throughput is not needed to meet our goals.

The Agility Line in Fab2 in Penang that will be used to quickly build and qualify custom batteries on the other hand, needs to be collocated with the HVM line and needs to be run 24X7. This line will have higher throughput. It’s important to note that the Agility Line in Penang and the HVM Line will share Zones 1 & 4.

To further illustrate the functions of each line, here’s a high-level look at the customer journey:

Manufacturing Excellence

As we ramp to HVM, incorporating our proven DIMES framework is critical to our success. DIMES, which stands for Dfx, Integral Yield, Material, Equipment Efficiency and Supply Chain, is a framework the team and I designed and have been using for many years in order to achieve our goals.

This framework is a robust program to reach operational excellence. Each component is just as important as the next and if followed meticulously, enables increased efficiencies, cost reduction and improved yield.

· Dfx: Stands for Design for cost, manufacturing, high yields and quality. We continuously look to cut waste and optimize manufacturability leading to the highest quality at the lowest cost.

· Integral Yield: At every step, starting from raw material, we measure yield loss. It’s the “cost of non-quality (CONQ).” This includes advanced metrology and robust controls. This enables us to quickly identify a problem, do a root cause analysis, systematically attack the root cause(s) with a “poka-yoke” fix — a process that makes it impossible for an error to occur again, and the dependency on the operator is minimal to none. Predictability is key for HVM.

· Material cost down: This is the process of reducing our material usage and cost through “LEAN manufacturing,” principles where we minimize waste and maximize productivity; “Value Engineering,” where we review products during the design phase to either eliminate or combine steps and therefore reduce costs; and “Value Stream Mapping” that documents every step in the process with our suppliers so we can apply the same “LEAN” principles to their manufacturing processes using certified professional procurement principles.

· Equipment Efficiency: This process involves getting more out of our installed equipment, improving that equipment and determining labor efficiencies including optimizing Man to Machine Ratios (MMRs) and resolving bottlenecks.

· Supply Chain: Supply Chain is the “finger on the pulse” of operations. Attaining supply chain excellence is prioritized at the best run companies. It includes everything from reducing the cycle times to no more than 2.5X the theoretical cycle time, to managing total inventory quantities and locations so that customers are given a “Promise date” for their shipments, which are met and exceeded at 95th percentile accuracy levels. This, done repeatedly, makes the supplier dependable and reliable which, in the world of consumer electronics, is as important as the quality and reliability of the products themselves.

Those in manufacturing know these terms well. Our DIMES framework is comprehensive and incorporates the gold standards in manufacturing excellence. At Enovix, this framework is used to ensure that all of these processes are prioritized, and one is not more important than the other.

As we commence FAT for each of our Zones, we rely on the DIMES framework to ensure a disciplined and meticulous approach to every step. For those of you who want to dive even deeper into the details, we launched our Journey to Scale podcast today. Check it out here and continue to follow our progress on our Journey to Scale.

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