CES 2024: New Consumer Devices Require Even More Energy Density

3 min readJan 19, 2024


By Dr. Raj Talluri, President and CEO, Enovix Corporation

Enovix receives CES 2024 Innovation Award

Last week, the entire tech industry converged in Las Vegas for the world’s largest trade event — The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. It is one of the most thrilling weeks of the year for our industry and if CES is any indication of the macro economy — we’re back!

We were honored to take home a trophy while we were in Las Vegas. Our technology was recognized by The Consumer Technology Association’s annual CES Innovation Awards — a testament to our collective teamwork and dedication to developing a safer, better battery to power all of the amazing innovations at CES.

I always look forward to seeing what is being unveiled. As expected, AI was all the rage. There was a slew of new consumer devices — smartphones, wireless displays, tablets, wearables and robots, all with amazing new features and capabilities, integrating voice assistants and other generative AI applications — which is great for consumers, but a massive tax on the battery and a problem that we intend to solve.

This year, Enovix had a suite in The Venetian Hotel, which we transformed into a technology display outfitted with working demos powered by Enovix, product samples, prototype devices, reference designs, and our latest benchmarking test results where we continue to demonstrate a significant lead in energy density and capacity compared to batteries on the market today.

We showcased a top-tier commercial smartphone running on our battery, which demonstrated a 30% capacity advantage over today’s leading battery solutions, as well as an action camera running on an Enovix IoT cell, which highlighted our 51% capacity advantage. We also had several IoT demos including the Accurate Meditech blood pressure monitor that will be available at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart later this year.

Enovix suite at the Venetian Hotel

In addition to product demonstrations, we had our Korea team join us to showcase Routejade batteries for the first time as part of Team Enovix. We demonstrated a hybrid smartwatch, powered by Routejade, that provides continuous body temperature tracking, and monitors users’ health around the clock for up to 30 days.

Routejade battery portfolio

In addition to the demos, I had a conversations with leading smartphone and IoT customers, eager to work with us to both extend their devices runtime and support intense workloads such as Edge AI due to our significant increase in energy density and capacity in the same form factor. I also spoke with several investors and journalists including Jill Malandrino of Nasdaq Trade Talks and Jon Jacobi of TechHive. Check out the resulting coverage highlighting the advantages of our silicon batteries:

· TechHive: Li-ion batteries with silicon anodes could store 65% more energy

· Nasdaq Trade Talks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TInfttc9dHw

With the 2024 show behind us, it is now time to focus all of our energy into our next big milestone — scaling our manufacturing and producing samples off of our high-volume manufacturing line in Malaysia in April. Be sure to listen to our latest podcasts outlining our manufacturing goals for the next several months and tune into our Q4 2023 earnings call coming up (date to be announced soon) for more updates on our progress.

That’s another CES in the books! I look forward to showcasing even more of our battery breakthroughs in 2025.




Enovix Corporation (Nasdaq: ENVX) is an advanced silicon battery company with locations in Fremont, CA; Penang, Malaysia; Hyderabad, India.